Foam-lined Compression Garments

Foam-lined Compression garments bring enhanced compression technology to patients with primary and secondary lymphedema. Designed primarily for nighttime use, they improve upon multi-layer wraps that are conventionally prescribed as part of a normal course of Complete Decongestive Physiotherapy (CDT), these products have demonstrated significant improvement due to their comfort and ease of use.

Generally designed as a two-part system, these products are composed of an inner compression foam-filled liner and an external compression sleeve or binder. The inner form-filled liner is tailored (often custom made) to fit the affected extremity snuggly. The outer sleeve or binder adds controlled compression and can take the form of short stretch bandaging or an outer appliance with adjustable Velcro closures.

These garments are an excellent option for patients who utilize multi-layer bandaging as a component of their therapy. While the conventional bandages and wraps can be very useful, they do have limitations. Most importantly, bandages and wraps are often difficult to apply properly and consistently, and if not applied correctly, they can obstruct lymphatic flow.