In-Elastic Compression Garments

In-elastic compression garments are a relatively new advance in the world of compression therapy garments. They have advantages over elastic garments because the material provides a higher working pressure to counteract the pressures of gravity. When the patient is standing or moving, the higher working pressure activates greater calf-muscle pump activity. This prevents fluid reflux and maintains the volume of the limb.

The primary goal of in-elastic garments is to assist limb reduction and maintenance of reduced limb volume. The nature of in-elastic materials establish a lower compression force when resting therefore increasing the patients comfort, and therefore compliance.

In-elastic products are offered in ready-made sizes but may be custom made to conform to uniquely shaped limbs and accommodate patient needs. They are designed for durability and ease of use, with Velcro closures, to facilitate donning and doffing and to allow for patients to lead independent lives.