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  • Ferris, Polymem®, Ag

    Ferris PolyMem Ag dressings contain all the benefits of QuadraFoam plus the added antimicrobial benefits of small particle silver.  The silver is contained in the dressing membrane and releases the antimicrobial silver ions in the dressing where it is effective in killing microorganisms that come in contact with the dressing.  PolyMem Silver’s unique, even distribution of silver throughout the dressing helps to ensure a steady and consistent release of silver ions as exudate is absorbed into the dressing.  Since the silver is evenly distributed and remains inside the dressing, there is less potential for damage to healthy cells.

  • Ferris, Polymem®, Quadra

    Ferris PolyMem provides a warm, moist, healing environment that promotes formation of granulation tissue and reepithelialization... and much more. PolyMem Dressings protect the wound as they facilitate the body's natural healing process. No other single wound dressing combines four key wound-healing capabilities like PolyMem, known worldwide as "The Pink Dressing."