Hartmann Products

  • Hartmann, Co-Lastic®

    Hartmann Co-Lastic® self-adherent bandage is unique non-slip fabric that is water resistant, lightweight and air permeable. Co-Lastic® has a folded starting edge, hand-tears to desired length and conforms to difficult-to-bandage areas. Adheres to itself, never to skin or hair, without pins, clips or tape, quick and easy application and is comfortable to wear and ideal for delicate or traumatized skin.

  • Hartmann, Cosmopor®

    Hartmann Cosmopor® bordered gauze pad is an adhesive (hypoallergenic polyacrylate adhesive) wound dressing made of a soft non-woven fabric, as support material, covered with a non-adherent, skin-friendly, microgrid wound-contact layer. It is highly absorbent with rapid drainage of exudate through to the microgrid layer.

  • Hartmann, EZe-Band®

    Hartmann EZe-Band® EZe-Band LF is a latex-free, orthopedic grade knitted bandage that wraps and secures easily. A unique knitted construction provides superior absorbency and breathability. EZe-Band provides patient comfort and is durable enough to be used again and again. Its front closure anchors the bandage on the first wrap quickly and easily. Its end closure conveniently secures the bandage at any given point without pins, clips or tape. EZe-Band offers latex-sensitive patients and health professionals an alternative to latex rubber elastic bandages to help prevent possible future latex sensitization.

  • Hartmann, Omnifix®

    Hartmann Omnifix® Latex-free dressing retention tape is made from a soft, non-woven flexible fabric coated with a non-sensitizing latex-free synthetic adhesive. Omnifix® is ideal for patients with hypersensitive skin and a tendency toward skin allergies. Soft and supple, Omnifix® is easy to apply even on the most difficult-to-tape areas. Omnifix® conforms well to body contours and will not restrict movement. Its release-paper backing is wave slit to improve speed and ease of application.

  • Hartmann, Shur-Band

    HartmannConco ShurBand LF Latex-free, premium grade knitted bandage made with high quality, versatile yarn to provide superior support and consistent compression. Offers latex-sensitive patients an alternative to the latex rubber elastic bandage and can be worn comfortably without the risk of allergic reactions. Designed to be both user- and patient-friendly, Shur-Band LF is quick and easy to apply. Its self-closure flap fastens anywhere on the bandage to hold it securely without pins, clips or tape. Shur-Band LF comes in a Tyvek pouch to assure sterility.