Smith & Nephew Products

  • Smith & Nephew, Acticoat™

    Smith & Nephew Acticoat™ Silver Absorbent Antimicrobial dressing utilizing advanced silver technology to help create an optimal wound environment. Easy to remove - Conforms to wound contours - Fast gelling, high mannuronic acid fibers - Low fiber shed - High wet and dry strength - Soft and conformable - The nanocrystalline coating of pure silver delivers antimicrobial barrier activity within 30 minutes - faster than other forms of silver. NUCRYST Pharmaceutical's antimicrobial technology is able to produce silver-coated hydrophilic polyurethane foams that can release an effective concentration of silver over several days. Thus, as silver ions are consumed, additional silver is released from the dressing to provide an effective antimicrobial barrier.

  • Smith & Nephew, Colactive™

    Smith & Nephew ColActive™ Collagen Dressing is a sterile collagen dressing that contains 90 percent porcine-derived collagen and 10 percent sodium alginate, when applied to the wound bed, ColActive® forms a moist wound environment in which fibroblasts and macrophages can easily move and function more efficiently, absorbs more than 30 times its weight in wound drainages, it is Latex-free and sterile absorbent dressing.

  • Smith & Nephew, Hypafix®

    Smith and Nephew Hypafix™ Tape is a medical tape that can be used to securely hold wound dressings, catheters, ostomy appliances and trach tubes in place. Permeable to air and moisture, it reduces maceration, which helps to reduce chances of infection. Made from soft, non-woven, water-resistant fabric, it's conformable so it won't constrain joints and features a low-allergy adhesive. 

  • Smith & Nephew, PrimaPore®

    Smith and Nephew Primapore™ combine an absorbent pad with a soft and conformable fixative layer for the simple and effective management of sutured wounds.

  • Smith & Nephew, Profore®

    Smith and Nephew Profore™ is a multi-layer compression bandaging system developed to apply sustained graduated compression for the management of venous leg ulcers and associated conditions. Multi-layer compression bandaging is the first choice in treatment for venous leg ulcers.