Compression Garment, Knee to Thigh

Reduce leg pain dramatically with our Knee to Thigh Compression Garments. The controlled bandwidth gradient compression is designed to fit your leg's particular contours.

CircAid®, Juxta-Fit™, Premium Legging, Knee to Thigh

Thighs adversely affected by lymphedema, venous disorders, post traumatic or post surgical events, venous insufficiency and even all types of varicose veins will greatly benefit from this specialty upper legging's superior compression.

BiaCare, CompreFlex™, Knee to Groin

The CompreFLEX™ Thigh Component is an all new design in lower extremity compression.

Solaris, Ready Wrap, Thigh Piece

The Solaris ReadyWrap™ Thighpiece is a low-stretch medical binder used as an alternative to elastic gradient compression garments. This is produced for patients who have trouble donning elastic daywear or those who can benefit from low-stretch compression.

CircAid®, Juxta-Fit™, Essentials, Knee to Thigh