Compression Garments

Compression garments
can be used by many different people for a variety of reasons. Athletes use these special types of undergarments to help prevent muscle cramping, fatigue and strain. Compression shorts can be worn under most athletic uniforms and also provide support and protection for male genitalia by keeping it in place. The popularity of compression shorts has grown with special types which include padding for added protection to knees, hips and other areas of the body. Another type of Compression garments used in sports is compression tights which cover the arms, legs and upper and lower portions of the body. In addition to being worn by athletes for various sports, such as baseball and soccer, compression shorts or tights may be worn by weight trainers, runners and people following and exercise program.

These special garments help sweat drain from the area and keep the body cooler while helping to prevent heat rash and chafing. Compression garments can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions such a chronic wounds and lymphedema. Chronic wounds or non-healing wounds are types of cuts, wounds, or ulcers which will not heal without medical intervention. Debridement or excising of the area is often needed in order to promote healing by the body. During this time compression stockings cam be applied over sterile dressing to provide pressure to the area which helps improve blood flow and circulation. Chronic wounds are caused by poor blood circulation to the area and after draining any fluid buildup and debriding the area, Compression garments increase circulation and allow for the body to naturally heal the wound. People who have diabetes and compromised immune systems are also at risk for chronic wounds.

Compression garments are often prescribed for treatment of lymphedema which is where the lymphatic system becomes blocked with fluid and waste which causes the infected area to become swollen. There are different types and grades of lymphedema which can be the result of an accident, injury, surgical procedure, cancer treatment, obesity and even hereditary. Anyone can become infected with lymphedema at any time during their life, regardless of age or sex. Compression garments worn when treating lymphedema are used to provide pressure to the infected area which improves circulation and movement of fluid. These special garments can come in varying compression strengths depending upon the degree of swelling form the lymphedema. The use of lymphedema pumps and manual massage along with the garments provides for a well-rounded treatment regimen.

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