Compression Garment, Thigh-high

Our Compression Garment, Thigh-high is very durable and wonderfully comfortable. The asymmetrical, anatomically shaped heel gives great support. They are supremely effective at preventing further fluid from accumulating,(after successful decongestion). Therapeutic, and wearable -- the special fabric provides a mini-massage every time you move!

Medi, Comfort, Thigh-high

Medi USA's Comfort Thigh-high garment guarantees maximum all-day wearing comfort in a durable, discreet, semi-sheer look.

Medi, Assure, Thigh-high

Mediven assure stockings combine accurate medical compression with a price point that typically falls within cost standards established by today's managed care insurance plans.

Medi, Forte, Thigh-high

The Mediven® Forte Thigh-high garment provides a deep massaging effect and maximum containment throughout the day.

Medi, Plus, Thigh-high

Mediven Plus offers patients fashionable therapy in the broadest range of ready-made sizes available today.

Solidea Micro Massage Compression - Thigh-Highs (18/21 mmHg)

Solidea No-Embol - Opaque Micro Massage Compression Thigh-Highs (18/21 mmHg)

Solidea Support Compression Stockings - Thigh-High with Silicone Band (18/21 mmHg)

Solidea Marilyn - Sheer Support Fabric Compression Thigh-High Stockings with Lace Top and Silicone Band (12/15 mmHg)

Solidea Therapeutic Compression Stockings - Thigh-High with Silicone Band (25/32 mmHg)

Solidea Catherine - Opaque Therapeutic Fabric Compression Thigh-High Stockings with No Silicone Band (25/32 mmHg)

Juzo®, Dynamic (Varin) 3500, Thigh-high, Full Knit

Medi, 550, Thigh-high

Medi, Mondi, Thigh-high

Medi, Sensoo, Thigh-high

Juzo®, Basic 4400, Thigh-high

The Juzo® Basic 4400 Thigh-high garment is a moderately priced compression garment that is both stylish and economical.

Juzo®, Dynamic (Varin) 3500, Thigh-high

This highly durable garment features a seamless knit and is able to withstand the rigors of daily wear.

Juzo®, Dynamic (Varin) Silver 3560, Thigh-high

Juzo®, Expert 3020, Thigh-high

Juzo Expert has a dense knit yet is known for two way stretch elasticity and gentle material that provides maximum comfort and mobility.  Its elasticity and softness makes it easier to don than most flat knit custom garments.

Juzo®, Expert Silver 3020, Thigh-high

Juzo®, Soft 2000, Thigh-high

The Soft Thigh-high is Juzo®’s softest compression garment available with many different styles and choices.

Juzo®, Strong 3050, Thigh-high

Juzo Strong utilizes a specialized, unique knit with high working pressure and micro massaging effect on the tissue.  It is ideal for patients with advanced cases of Lymphedema and Fibrosis that are difficult to treat.