So, you want to know about Custom Compression Garments.

There are a few things you should know…

Compression Garment are made available in two basic types: Ready-Made (standard sizes, pre-made, off-the-shelf), and as Made-to-Measure (custom made).

Whereas Ready-Made, standard size garments, can be sized and selected using a standard size chart, Made-to-Measure, Custom Garments, require specific unique measurements and the correct choice of customization options.

Custom compression garments require the expertise of a professional experienced in collection and documentation of these measurements and selection of specific custom options. This information is required to complete a custom garment order.

Custom Garment are non-returnable (See our Return Policy). To be assured that your custom garment will be made to the correct measurements, use the services of a Certified Compression Garment Fitter.

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