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Lympha Press®, LymphaPOD® Bariatric Suit

It's challenging enough to be morbidly obese without having to worry if standard compression therapy devices can sufficiently treat your lower body's primary or secondary lymphedema, muscle pump dysfunctions, venous insufficiency or venous stasis ulcers. That's where the LymphaPod™ comes in: this unique sequential pneumatic compression therapy system is specifically designed to heal the larger patient who has mobility issues. An oasis in homecare treatment, the LymphaPod™ beautifully massages away symptoms in a bariatric patient's abdomen, legs and hips. Roomy, special...the LymphaPod™ fits even the most plus-sized sufferer.

Retail Price: $3,363.75
With Medicare/Private Insurance Coverage: Call for details; Not a covered item by Medicare
With Primary/Secondary Insurance Coverage: Call for details; Price is dependent on insurance coverage

The prices listed above are subject to qualification and eligibility. Additional charges will apply for additional components and upgraded equipment.
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  • Features
  • Indications/Contraindications
  • Appliances/Components
  • Sizing Table
  • Lympha Press calibrated gradient compression
  • Treats legs, abdomen, hips and genital areas
  • Fully adjustable pressure in 4 - 12 zones
  • Designed for large patients with limited mobility
  • One size fits most patients from 350 to 700 lbs.


    • Secondary lymphedema
    • Primary lymphedema
    • Venous insufficiency
    • Dysfunction of the muscle pump, wound healing, traumatic edema.
    • Patients with limited mobility may need the assistance of a caregiver.
    • Lympha Press, Optimal®, Pneumatic Enhanced Compression Device

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