Medi, Redux, Leg, Full, Kit (Upper + Lower Leg + Knee + PacBand)

Medi’s Redux Full Leg Kit is a NEW, innovative in-elastic reduction system. They are designed to replaces traditional bandaging and wrapping often prescribed during the early decongestive phase of lymphedema therapy. Patients will appreciate the previously unattainable level of independence that comes with Redux. A key feature is the ability to tailor the garment to fit the extremity correctly as volume reduction is achieved. The Full Leg Kit includes the lower leg piece, the upper leg piece and the PacBand XL.

Insurance Price: $695.00

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  • Breathable fabric that improves comfort and compliance.
  • Juxtaposed band system that ensures an individual fit every time, even after decongestion starts.
  • A wide variety of reduction kit components enables customization on a per-patient basis.
  • Easy handling when donning and doffing fosters a level of patient engagement and independence not seen before in the decongestion phases.
  • Inelastic compression therapy supports patient control and engagement.
  • Built-In-Tension System supports a repeatable level of tension when the patient dons the reduction kit away from the clinic.
  • Adjustable to your specific patient’s needs:
    • Customize the sizing for unique limb shapes
    • Adjust as the patient progresses
    • Only use the components needed
    • Support challenging areas with shelf straps
    • Provides for the extra-wide patients and challenging shapes
    • Multiple foot options for your unique patients
  • No need to rush the patient into a maintenance garment by spreading out limited decongestion over visits over an extended period.
  • Set the stage for long-term maintenance garments with a motivated, engaged and decongested patient who has now taken control of their lymphedema.


  • Lymphedema
  • Post-mastectomy Lymphedema
  • Post-traumatic & post-opertative edemas
  • Sever burn therapy


  • Decreased or absent sensation in the arm
  • Infection
  • Lower Leg Piece
  • Upper Leg Piece
  • Knee Piece
  • PacBand XLarge

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