Patient Testimonials

Hear what our customer say about us.

“Dear Mark,

I have recently received my Petite Basic System for treatment of my Lymphedema. This letter is to express my sincere thanks for the professionalism and customer service provided by Mrs. Dee.

Mrs. Dee Ann prompt return of telephone calls, doctor referral services, reference information related to the products and services was provided upon request without delay or confusion.

In addition, Dee Ann answered all questions clearly with compassion and an understanding of Lymphedema issues. Her courtesy and charm made her a delight to speak with and to express my particular issues and concerns.

Once again, I would like to say thank you for Mrs. Dee Ann for representing what it means to provide excellent customer service and compassion.


Linda/ Woodland Hills, CA

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“Always efficient and friendly. I am very happy to use BioHorizon”

Bernadette/ Sacramento, CA

“Dee Ann,

Thank you for always being on top of things!! You've made the ordering & tracking process a fantastic experience by your continued assistance and impressive responsiveness. I truly appreciate it!! I wish every company that I dealt with had a contact as reliable and helpful as you!!

Thanks again,”

Marisa/ Fresno, CA

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“My initial contact was with Michelle. She was great to work with. She always answered my questions and was courteous and easy to talk to. When I had a question with the pump, she was very informative and prompt. You are a fantastic company. I am so glad I called you.

Thank you so much!”

Virginia/ Sugarland, TX

“Custom Service,

This is the second time I have dealt with BioHorizon and both experiences have been wonderful.

Thank you”

Kenneth/ Los Angeles, CA

"Dee Ann and Mark,

It’s nice to know that there are still people who take such pleasure in doing special things and making others feel good…

Thank you, you’re awesome and I really appreciate you!!!!!! ?

Take care and God Bless!!!”

Dianne/ Santa Cruz, CA

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“Tiffy was excellent to work with. Very Nice. Will do business with you again."

Jerry/ Swords Creek, VA


Thank you for thinking of that waiver. I may have lost my leg if I did not have proper supplies and as I am unable to afford everything. This will reduce my pain and stress.

God bless.”

Mary/ Salinas, CA

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“I’ve spent a lot of money on different compression hoses. I wasn’t able to put them on. I even bought a pair with a zipper and they still did not work. I’m so happy to receive the Velcro ones.

Thank you so much”

Nancy/ Carmichael, CA


She was absolutely fantastic when I phoned. She was knowledgable and pleasant and handled my issues. Thank you.


Leona/ Torrance, CA

“Dear Tiffany,

My husband and I want to thank you for all the work you done on helping us to get a new pump. It was a pleasure working with such a courteous and professional person.

Thank You and God bless”

Lori/ Lehigh Valley, PA

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“I started acquiring about a new pump in March with another company. After months of getting nowhere, I called BioHorizon and talked to Tiffany on 11/14/2014. This women is wonferful and very carring. We received our pump on 12/19/2014.

Thank you!”

Chio/ Laredo, TX