BiaCare, ChipSleeve™, Arm Sleeve

The BiaCare ChipSleeve™ Arm compression garment provides a massaging effect on superficial lymphatics, which helps soften fibrotic areas. Directional channels help facilitate efficient drainage of lymph fluid. Includes one OverSleeve.


Insurance Price: $450.00

Insurance Message: Actual price is based on your health insurance’s contracted amount and is often less than the insurance price

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  • Provides mild, gradient compression from hand to axilla
  • Includes thumb and lateral shoulder rise
  • 15-25 mmHg compression with OverSleeve™ (included)
  • Pair of cotton stockings included


  • Lymphedema
  • Post-mastectomy Lymphedema


  • Decreased or absent sensation in the arm
  • Infection

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