JoViPak®, Head & Neck, Chin Strap, Standard

JoViPak® Chin Strap is designed to address edema of the neck, mandible and the lateral aspects of the face; covers the ear, the lateral aspect of the head and behind the ear. The open neck seam accommodates your choice of padding. The Velcro straps at the neck and top of head (or optional Occipital Head Strap) can be adjusted to patient's comfort level, making the garment suitable for overnight wear.

Insurance Price: $216.00

Insurance Message: Actual price is based on your health insurance’s contracted amount and is often less than the insurance price

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  • Made of Ivory Organic Cotton/Lycra®


  • Lymphedema
  • Post-mastectomy Lymphedema


  • Decreased or absent sensation in the arm
  • Infection

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