Pneumatic Compression Devices

Pneumatic compression devices are medical devices long prescribed by healthcare professionals for the treatment of a wide range of venous, lymphatic and arterial disorders. Pneumatic compression devices are widely used in the acute care setting for the prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and referred to as "SCDs". In the home setting, they are often referred to as "lymphedema pumps" although they are used to treat a wide variety of circulatory disorders. They can also be used to treat bruising and swelling resulting from orthopedic surgeries such as joint replacement.

Elastic Compression

Elastic compression garments are the single most basic means to manage tissue edema and extremity swelling associated with lymphatic and venous disorders. In the case of venous disorders, the transport of de-oxygenated blood from the distal legs to the heart is inadequate.  In the case of lymphatic disorders, obstructed or inadequate lymph flow results in imbalance of fluid movement across cell membranes, leading to an accumulation of lymph fluid, and hence, limb swelling.

In-Elastic Compression

Inelastic compression garments compensate for the diminished skin pressure associated with lymphedema, and prevent the re-accumulation of evacuated, stagnating lymph fluid. The more inelastic the bandage is, the greater the potential working pressure (pressure produced when the muscle pump works against the resistance of the bandage, as when exercising). Inelastic garments have advantages over elastic garments because they force a higher working pressure and greater muscle pump efficiency.

Short Stretch Compression

The short stretch bandage is a wrap used in the treatment of lymphedema.  It is called "short stretch" because of its rating on elasticity.  These bandages are rated at 30% to 90%, which means they can stretch up to 90% beyond their actual non extended length.  Because of this, they are able to provide continual compression on the lymphedema limb. They work in conjunction with your muscles to help not only prevent additional swelling, but to help lymph flow.

Foam-Lined Compression

Specialty lymphedema garments bring enhanced compression technology to the aid of patients with primary and secondary lymphedema. Designed to improve upon multi-layer wraps that are conventionally prescribed as part of a normal course of manual lymph drainage, these products have demonstrated significant improvement due to their comfort and ease of use. Specialty lymphedema garments are an excellent option for patients who utilize multi-layer bandaging as a component of their therapy.

Wound Care Supply

Patients can be affected by a wide range of wounds, including chronic wounds like pressure ulcers or diabetic ulcers, to acute wounds like traumatic injuries. BioHorizon Medical provides multiple therapies to help prevent and treat these types of conditions.