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Do you have chronically swollen legs
and recurrent non-healing wounds?
Fact: Compression therapy is effective at reducing edema associated
with chronic venous insufficiency and venous stasis ulcerations..
Reduce Risk, Without Reducing Mobility
Are you at risk of a DVT due to
a recent surgery or bed rest?
Increasing Circulation ... Reducing Embolisms (DVT, PE)
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Do you suffer from Lymphedema?
Reduce swelling and manage your condition
with an advanced compression system.
Compression Therapy Products and Wound Care Supply
brought to you
Faster, Simpler & Smarter
BioHorizon provides compression therapy products and wound care supply faster, simpler and smarter! Whether you're looking for compression sleeves or other compression garments, lymphedema products like a lymphedema pump, a sequential compression device or other products, you can count on us to give our time, guidance and support. Let us help you gain better control over edematous disorders and non-healing wounds.
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BioHorizon looks to expand Sales Force in Western USA
BioHorizon is hiring Account Managers in key areas as it expands it's comprehensive compression and wound care product expertise to lymphedema therapists and wound care clinics in the western USA.
BioHorizon adds SCDs to it's Anthem and Blue Shield contracts

BioHorizon is leading the way with Sequential Compression Devices, otherwise known as SCDs, used to prevent DVT. BioHorizon has added SCDs to it's Anthem and Blue Shield of CA contracts. These two payers cover more than 50% of patients in California. BioHorizon specializes in Compression therapy. Everyone knows the value of a specialist. Faster, Simpler, Smarter. 

BioHorizon joins Kaiser as a participating provider
BioHorizon adds Kaiser to its California provider contacts.