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Do you have chronically swollen legs
and recurrent non-healing wounds?
Fact: Compression therapy is effective at reducing edema associated
with chronic venous insufficiency and venous stasis ulcerations..
Reduce Risk, Without Reducing Mobility
Are you at risk of a DVT due to
a recent surgery or bed rest?
Increasing Circulation ... Reducing Embolisms (DVT, PE)
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Do you suffer from Lymphedema?
Reduce swelling and manage your condition
with an advanced compression system.
Compression Therapy Products and Wound Care Supply
brought to you
Faster, Simpler & Smarter
BioHorizon provides compression therapy products and wound care supply faster, simpler and smarter! Whether you're looking for compression sleeves or other compression garments, lymphedema products like a lymphedema pump, a sequential compression device or other products, you can count on us to give our time, guidance and support. Let us help you gain better control over edematous disorders and non-healing wounds.
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BioHorizon Joins LE&RN as a Corporate Sponsor
BioHorizon is proud to join the Lymphatic Education and Research Foundation (LE&RN) as a Gold Sponsor.
BioHorizon Launches Cutting Edge Web Platforms
The widely anticipated launch of BioHorizon Medical and BioHorizon Direct is complete. BioHorizon Plans to launch next phase of marketing plan off the back of its new web based platforms.
BioHorizon moves closer to Bio Compression Systems
BioHorizon to streamline product offering of pneumatic compression products for the lymphatic and venous market staring June 1, 2015 by distributing only Bio Compression Systems. “There is little need to carry any other brand at this point. Bio Compression has the most complete line in this segment, and with the margins under pressure, no other manufacture offers the same value”, says Michelle Ponce, Product Manager.